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Daeva by Keith Pyeatt

Releases 2014.

Press kit forthcoming. Pre-Orders [forthcoming] will be made available on the Publications & Store page.

Keith Pyeatt writes speculative fiction that blends genres but always includes a paranormal element, a psychological bent, and deep characterization. Published novels include Struck, Dark Knowledge, and Above Haldis Notch. For more information, Keith welcomes you to visit his website at or his blog at .

About the Novel:
Trapped for centuries inside mortal minds, a manipulative daeva with the potential to devastate mankind finally finds a host he can use to set himself free into the world. Sharon, the host's sister, works tirelessly to help her brother resist the daeva's influence, but by the time she fully understands his threat to mankind, he's made Sharon the key to his success. Her death will either empower the daeva or destroy him.

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