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Suspended Heart by Heather Fowler

Released December 2010. Order from the Publications & Store page.

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Heather Fowler received her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Hollins University. She has taught composition, literature, and writing-related courses at UCSD, California State University at Stanislaus, and Modesto Junior College. Her fabulist fiction has been published online and in print in the US, England, Australia, and India, as well as recently nominated for both the storySouth Million Writers Award and Sundress Publications Best of the Net. She was Guest Editor for Zoetrope All-Story Extra in March and April of 2000. Fowler's story, "Slut," won third prize at the 2000 California Writer's Conference in Monterey. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, was recently featured at The Nervous Breakdown, poeticdiversity, and The Medulla Review, and has been selected for a joint first place in the 2007 Faringdon Online Poetry Competition. Please visit her website at

About the Collection:
In an explosion of love’s metaphors, Fowler’s debut collection of stories, SUSPENDED HEART, takes on American fabulism with a cast of unexpected heroines in the narratives of life and loss—women whose hearts fall out at public malls, women whose bodies bloom with changing seasons, women who sprout blades or have multiple eyes, sleep as snakes, or birth saints like lapis lazuli babies. Where there is struggle and sadness, there is also humor: Fowler’s fictive voice has been compared to both Franz Kafka and Donald Barthelme. There’s a fearlessness to this prose, a melody of life and magic and loss. Selected stories in this volume have been published online and in Australia. Partial author’s proceeds to be donated to a battered women and children’s charity.

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A portion of the author's proceeds go to the San Diego Family Justice Center. To order a signed copy of Suspended Heart for $15 and have the extra dollar donated to the San Diego Family Justice Center, please click on the button below:



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A Review of Suspended Heart, courtesy of Zach Fishel of Girls with Insurance

Heather Fowler’s Suspended Heart conveys the persona of the very human emotion of love in anything but a four-letter word. She has successfully broken down the matter and substance that is the heart in suspense: The fluttery new crush love; the broken-down, hitchhiking heartbreak; and the whimsical daydream of lust. Heather Fowler has pieced together a collection of stories facing love head-on, from the angles of the most dynamic couples―rat and snake, bird and cat, man and woman.

The stories in Suspended Heart have made for some of the most twisted, exciting reading I have had in a very long time. They are read with a zealousness and momentum that is like a solid relationship, improving with age and with each re-read. I find these stories to take the idea of love and blast away any cliché notions that love is an ordinary thing. Bitter hearts will be relieved, hardened hearts will soften, and dangerous hearts will finally use caution.

Each story is fresh and crisp and offers a new angle on the age-old ideas of romance and sex. The themes of lust and courageous love are never dulled by overly dramatic tales or melodramatic fantasies. The voice Fowler uses is real, and in my opinion, these stories are some of the best tales of love and its consuming ideas that have been written in many years.



More stories and poems due to be released online and in print--two experimental modern pieces, a traditional literary story, a dark fiction piece akin to horror, and an original fairy tale, to say the least. Stay tuned.

Recent and Current news:

April 2011
Heather does a featured reading of Suspended Heart stories and new poems in Escondido on April 3rd at the POETS, INC (Inland North County) & THE ESCONDIDO ARTS PARTNERSHIP Literary Series.
Heather is interviewed by Jen Michalski on April 5th about SUSPENDED HEART at The Nervous Breakdown.
New psychological thriller story out in the Janet Frame issue of kill author called "The Scene That You Come Upon is Madness"--audio file available too.
Also, she publishes a sci-fi story in the dystopic future tradition, "The Hiders," up as the Featured Story at Linger Fiction. Drop in!
Available now: A new and detailed review of Suspended Heart just posted at the Ampersand Books blog.

March 2011
Heather is the Featured Author at Short Story America for the second week of March. Please get a log in and drop by to read her story, "Jesus Doesn't Love You and Neither Do I." The log-in is quick and free to obtain.
The Re-Telling Anthology, Edited by William Walsh, is now out through Ampersand Books. Heather's retelling of "A&P" by Updike, "A&P, Come Again," is published therein. Check it out. Also, Heather is interviewed and chats with Editor William Walsh about her contribution. Scroll down for details.

February 2011
AWP was fantastic this year in DC! Heather read with Steve Almond, Donna Vitucci, and several other talented folks at the fabulous Corium Magazine, Prick of the Spindle, Smokelong Quarterly off-site reading. A good time was had by all.
Also, Heather read at Jim Ruland's Vermin on the Mount reading in San Diego on 2/19 at Sushi and answered a single question on Ruland's One-Quiz Tunes Vermin on the Mount Blog.
Video of her Vermin reading available on YouTube. Take a gander.
On the poetry front, a new poem goes live at MiPOesias, with an accompanying audio file. Check it out: "What A Man Will Say of Disposable Voyage Mermaids, When He Begins to Speak."

January 2011
"On Kissing" goes live at Wrong Tree Review.
Heather chats with Ravi Mangla at his Recommended Reading blog, about reading.
The title story for Suspended Heart, "Suspended Heart," goes live in JMWW's fabulous Winter 2011 issue.
A pair piece for Flannery O'Connor's famous story entitled "Good Country. People." appears at Necessary Fiction's January 2011 First Footing project. Author's note: He had it coming.
On the poetry front, Heather is the featured poet for a late week in January at The Nervous Breakdown, where they feature a heroic crown entitled "The Love, Laughter, Cherish Crown," and also presents a self-interview on The Nervous Breakdown on writing poetry and fiction, love, secret writing, and loss. Please drop in.

Fall/Winter 2010:
More stories and poems due to be released online--an experimental modern piece, a magical realism piece, a re-take on Updike's famous story "A&P," and more. Stay tuned. Also, AWP promises to be lovely this year in DC. If you're there, come by for this reading if you can.

December 2010
"A Baby Anyway" is released in the Winter 2010 issue of Ducts, "Love Affair with Comma" released at The Northville Review, a new story "Shrinking" is available on Fictionaut.
Also, Heather is interviewed and chats with Editor William Walsh about her contribution to the fantastic RE:Telling anthology out through Ampersand Books in February.

November 2010
In 2010, Heather Fowler is also honored to have both her story “Anatomy of a Song” nominated by Up the Staircase Quarterly for the 2010 Sundress Best of the Net competition, and her poem “No. 14 (White and Greens in Blue)” nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Medulla Review. Flutter Poetry Journal publishes new poem "I Am Not the Girl You Wanted." The Medulla Review print anthology reprints Heather's poem "No. 14 (White and Greens in Blue)." Heather will be doing Nanowrimo in November--and "Beautful Ape Girl Baby" will be killing worthless men and celebrating her bad self right and left. Join her there.

October 2010
LitSnack releases a flash fiction piece called "The Naked Truth About Wanting."

September 2010
The newest issue of Prick of the Spindle releases Heather's long story "A Companion to Minnow Lake" as what they are calling a "chilling" novelette. She's so flattered. :) Pop in to read. Heather looks forward to reading in late September with So Say We All, deemed the "“The cream of the crop as far as San Diego writing and performance goes” by Seth Combs at KPBS. She'll be participating in "The Future" themed VAMP on 9/30. If you're local, come on out. If you're not local, she's delighted to say she thinks it will be videotaped and will post a link afterward.

August 2010
After concluding the Poem a Day Marathon in July, Heather launches into a Story a Day marathon in August though is beset with technical difficulties--first at MySpace and Facebook and writes 27,000 words in the first 12 days, but must regretfully cancel the rest of the marathon due to personal business. Nonetheless, she posts a story originally published in a Canada print mag called "How To Rescue A Drowning Man" at Fictionaut.

Uche Ogbuji writes a wonderful post at The Nervous Breakdown about his experience writing poems with her in July. Lovely poet, that man. Check his posts for a variety of wonderful discussions of poetry in general. More news soon. Happy August to all.

July 2010
Heather writes with her annual Poem A Day marathon at her Facebook page. 31 forms in 31 days, plus a smattering of free-verse offerings. Join her there. In August, she'll be writing a story a day on her MySpace page. All those who want to join must be friends of those pages, so friend her there and writer, writers!

June 2010:
Heather reads with Peter Schwartz, Barry Graham, Greg Gerke and others at the at the Nightingale Lounge in NYC on June 5th. Her new magical realism piece entitled
"Anatomy of a Song" comes out at Up the Staircase's Spring 2010 issue, and a new issue of Corium Magazine is released. What. Wonderful. Poems! Also, excellent
fiction. Check it out. In late June, a new poem is also released at riverbabble.






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